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Complete CNC Solutions was established to supply manufacturing companies in the sign and display, industry and in other market sectors, with a range of CNC routing and cutting systems. We also extend application development expertise and technical support services. Complete CNC Solutions is succeeding - because its customers are too.

Today, Complete CNC Solutions offers application-targeted hardware from Tekcel and Protek. Complete CNC Solutions services, repairs and maintains. Complete CNC Solutions consults and configures routing and CNC cutting hardware perfectly tailored to application and customer needs.


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  Protek Unico TT

There’s one digital cutter that’s capable of powering its way through anything you, your customers or your future could ask of it. It cuts any machinable material cleanly and effortlessly. It does all the dedicated print-finishing operations you need and yet it runs rings around production routers too. We call it the Protek Unico TT - You’ll call it amazing. Hard to believe, but it also costs less than lightweight digital cutters.

Though its standard supplied features and tools cast it in the role of a print-finishing digital cutter, The Protek Unico TT is unique because it combines the capabilities of a fully featured production router in one and the same system.

We can supply the Protek Unico TT in a range of sizes and configurations. It’s available with a conveyor bed too. So no matter what you need of it today, the Protek Unico TT will step up to the job. And when the contract of a lifetime comes your way, the Protek Unico TT will be there to take the load whether it’s print finishing, routing - or both.

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