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With an OptiCam system fitted and enabled on your Tekcel router, you’ll discover that you can engage the very buoyant and profitable ‘print-cut’ market and deliver a whole range of new products and services to your customers. It’s simple.

The OptiCam system comprises a rather ingenious and specialised camera and some very sophisticated firmware/software that does the hard work for you.

Routers rout - right? Tekcel routers equipped with Tekcel’s widely talented OptiCut system also knife-cut and crease. That mean adding more value, to more materials, and in more ways than you imagined possible using a system that casts itself in the role of a router.

Fit an OptiCut system to your Tekcel CNC Router and you’ll give it a much wider role in your business. It’ll be taking on and powering through jobs that you probably thought were the exclusive province of must more costly and narrowly talented digital cutters and flatbed plotter. 

OptiCut is all you need, and all you need to know if you want to explore the farthest corners of your Tekcel router’s capabilities. Now it routs. Now it knife cuts. Now it creases.

If the bed of your Tekcel router is looking a little scarred and unloved, it could be impairing your quality. Complete CNC Solutions can quickly restore it to pristine condition.

The bed of your Tekcel computer controlled router is more than just a place to lay your materials. It’s what secures your workpieces during cutting and it provides a depth datum so that your materials are cut cleanly.

A nice flat bed on a router is going to yield better output results. It helps the vacuum hold-down better establish a “seal” and so practically eliminates a source of work-piece chatter. A better seal means less chance of work-pieces moving and so wasting the material.The known datum or bed position is more accurately reflected too so that chances of repeated cut through are minimised. A flatter bed would enable the use of a sacrificial material if you need to cut beyond the back of your material

Our High Pressure Mist Coolant System is an amazingly effective and easily used enhancement for your Tekcel CNC router that significantly improved its metal cutting performance. It works. And it works brilliantly. 

It delivered very precisely metered high pressure pulsed bursts of lubricating coolant right where needed.

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