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Extended Gantry Height

If you’re working with materials, or you’d like to, that are a tight fit under the gantry of your Tekcel router, or that won’t fit at all - help is at hand.  Our elevated gantry provides more headroom for your materials by increasing the distance between the Tekcel router’s bed’s surface and the underside of the gantry or beam that traverses it during production. That room is a gift.


With all the additional room, up to [300mm of it] you can work your wonders on thick materials, materials that are formed - sign trays for example, or anything routable that takes your fancy but that’s out of bounds with the supplied standard gantry.

Set your sights higher with an elevated gantry on your Tekcel router.

Putting an elevated gantry on a router that’s anything less than a full-blooded Tekcel is a risky business. It does things to the component loading and the force of efforts applied that very quickly overdress poorly engineered machines. 

Not ours though.

Tekcel routers are massively built and handle elevated gantry loadings with complete and absolution ease. You won’t notice any deterioration in output quality. Performance too is unaffected - you’ll be just as productive. Operation is just as easy as a conventionally configured Tekcel router too. 

Opening the bed gap opens the door to even more creative and profitable possibilities. You can rout semi finished and part assembled good. Fixtures, fabrications and bigger workpieces are swallowed with ease.

Take it all in your stride. An elevated gantry could put your business above its competition.

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