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Material Surface Probe-MSP

The flat rigid sheet materials you rout are anything but flat as you’ll have discovered if you try to engrave or cut to precise depths. Problem solved with the Tekcel Material Surface Probe

It’s a fact. All so-called flat materials, unless they are mapped and sold for high precision applications, are anything but flat. Sheet materials vary in thickness from one point on their surface to another - they’re nominally, the actual thickness you’d expect them to be.

That’s not a problem when you’re cutting all the way through them whether in single or multiple passes. Where it makes life difficult is when you’re trying to mark, engrave or cut to controlled depths measured from the material’s face. 

The Tekcel MSP or Material Surface Probe takes care of this industry-wide problem - just for Tekcel owners. 

How does it work? Brilliantly.

The MSP is a simply ingenious solution. It works by creating a map of the material you’re working on. A precise and very detailed map. Within the data comprising the map is information that describes all of the material’s variations in thickness over the entire area the MSP has investigated. 

When the time comes to cut or engrave the material the MSP has analysed, the depth or thickness variations are very cleverly removed during the cutting process. Consequently, the cuts you make are a precise depth from the material’s face, and lines you engrave with V profiled cutters are remarkably consistent in width.

Solving complex problems with equally complex solutions is not a solution at all. Elaborate mechanical system and floating spindles with depth attenuators can’t do the job the Tekcel MSP does. It’s another example of elegance in technology and of using the potency and power of a Tekcel router to great effect.

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