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Twin Bay Knife Cutting & Creasing System

With the Tekcel Twin Knife Bay fitted to your amazingly productive Tekcel router, you can load two tools at once and sequence them in automated operations without pausing to load a new tool. The Twin Knife Bay automates and simplifies complex production and makes potentially error-prone jobs touch-button simple. Once the tools are loaded and the workpiece is in position, there’s no need to install another tool for a post cutting operation - it’s right there and ready to use without any operator intervention.

Turn your Tekcel router into the most fully featured and capable digital cutter you can imagine. Process more materials in more ways and win more jobs. Simple.

There’s an amazing array of knife cutting blades in the Complete CNC Solutions online store. You can fit any two of them into our Twin Knife Bay and sail through the more involved and complex production without having to stop for breath - or to load another too.

Automation saves time. It makes jobs more affordable for your customers and more profitable for you. The Twin Knife Bay turns your Tekcel router into a formidable, highly automated and spectacularly productive digital cutter.

Unlike other digital cutters though, a Tekcel router won’t complain when the job gets tough. It’s still a muscular router. It just happens to be highly automated, very capable and, even fully loaded, a lot less expensive to buy and operate.

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