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Safety Light Guards

Operator safety and HSE guarding compliance are prime requirements wherever production machinery is installed, so make sure you put safety first and get your Tekcel CNC Router in line with the new HSE requirements.

Retrofittable to any Tekcel CNC router and available in single side, double side or all side formats, these options deliver safe and affordable peace of mind for operators and staff.

If the light’s path is obstructed, a running machine will stop immediately, but the job can easily be continued or restarted with touch button simplicity.

Find out more about HSE Requirements


safety light guards
safety light guards 2

Bed Replacements

A nice flat bed on a router is going to yield better output results. It helps the vacuum hold-down better establish a “seal” and so practically eliminates a source of work-piece chatter. A better seal means less chance of work-pieces moving and so wasting the material.The known datum or bed position is more accurately reflected too so that chances of repeated cut through are minimised.

A flatter bed would enable the use of a sacrificial material if you need to cut beyond the back of your material too. You could use a low-cost vacuum permeable material we’d be happy to suggest and maintain the good condition of your primary bed for those cutting applications that demand it.

Most beds on CNC routers bear a battle scar or two. Some look like they’ve been mercilessly carved and beat to within an inch. The good news is that Complete CNC Solutions will come in, remove the old, on with the new, and skim the surface to pristine flatness.

This service isn't costly. The results are priceless though.


safety light guards
safety light guards 2

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