Signs with Soul

The London Signmaker, Goodwin & Goodwin, recently installed a Tekcel router supplied by Complete CNC Solutions…

Goodwin  & Goodwin designs and manufactures fabricated signing and lettering with just a little help from its new Tekcel routing system. Signs and letters from Goodwin & Goodwin though have typographers’ and designers’ fingerprints all over them rather than any evidence of machine-based manufacturing.

Defining of an era, and yet an absolute reflection of today’s best practices in sign manufacturing, Goodwin & Goodwin styles its output as Signs With Soul. It comfortably exceeds its own billing.

Interpretations of classical typefaces rendered in resistant materials all beautifully finished and lit characterise the company’s output. It’s output that radiates a passion for the very art that makes it possible. Typography meets the means to see it make the leap from designer’s intent to to tangible realisation across a whole gamut of interpretations but each with a highly individual touch.

The company’s output is in demand. You’ve see it on TV. It’s earned its share of ink on paper in some prestigious magazines’ pages. It’s sought by leading brands too. Best of all perhaps it’s appreciated. Anyone skilled in the art will look upon it and take immense pleasure in knowing that craft skills made it possible. Those who are less well versed enjoy and appreciate it for its own sake.  All look upon it and like what they see.

It’s down to human effort. To the subtle touch of designers and typographers and to Goodwin & Goodwin. Tekcel helps make it a little easier.