Edwards Building Maintenance installs a Protek Unico CNC

When you have a client base that serves the needs of businesses as diverse as local coffee shops and restaurants, and some of planet’s biggest retailers, its clear that your business is able to deliver “something” that has universal appeal. Swansea based Edwards Building Maintenance, EBM, does just that.

Whether you’re a well known internationally distributed furniture retailer or a supermarket, a university or cafe, the “vision” you’ll have for your enterprise is not something that’s available off-the-shelf. It’s rather the product of an extensively researched and formulated design exercise, and a conversation with someone who understands your aims. Enter EBM.
EBM’s work is everywhere the eye alights among the high-street businesses it works for. The company makes counters, partition walls, lighting, bespoke fixtures, unique surfaces and more. They all reflect the “brands” we experience and reinforce the reasons we return.

Managing massive brand-led fit-out and construction projects down to the tiniest of details is a home-grown skill that EBM can claim, so too is a command of craft-based joinery skills able to extract elaborate constructions from wood and other materials. EBM’s skilled joiners turn designers’ sparks of ideas into tangible realities no matter how demanding. Now thanks to an investment in a Protek Unico CNC production router supplied by Complete CNC Solutions, the EBM team has a tool that delivers even more from its skills.

The Protek Unico CNC is a state-of-the-art production routing system. The system cuts, carves and engraves practically any machinable metal, plastic or wood quickly, cleanly and to the highest standards of accuracy. It will deal with laminates and flexible materials too.

The Protek Unico CNC is able to perform high speed profiling and machining operations that leave a finished cut on the surface it’s working. It compensates automatically for surface and thickness variations and cuts to high orders of accuracy making for tight mitres and accurately mated surfaces.

The Unico CNC is able to offset its tool thicknesses too and so can inlay, with interference fit accuracy, one material into another so yielding the potential for inventive design and construction devoid of any variation that might be evident in a hand-cutting operation. It delivers a finish that needs little or no manual, post cutting intervention too.

The bed of the Protek Unico CNC is a blank canvas that securely holds work-pieces with a powerful, zoned vacuum system. The bed can be easily resurfaced and adapted to accommodate fabricated fixtures if needed. Despite the high volumes of cutting waste produced, operation of the Unico CNC is kept clean, even when machining 20mm thick MDF or ply, thanks to an integrated waste removal system that extracts cutting by-products to a waste containment vessel for recycling or disposal.
In the hands of a skilled joiner the Unico CNC can work minor miracles on the materials it deals with. Its features and facilities are easily learned and confidence in it soon grows as familiarity builds.

EBM has put its Unico CNC to immediate use and it is already a contributing member of the team. Training was delivered by Complete CNC Solutions installation specialists on a live production job and all agreed that the output was exemplary.
EBM looks forward to a long and productive relationship with its Unico CNC and it will get it. The unit is engineered to go the distance in the most demanding production environments and its over-engineered components point to a long service life.



Tiverton based Ken White Signs has installed a Protek Unico CNC supplied by its exclusive UK distributor, Complete CNC Solutions. Though many Protek Unico CNC systems have been installed by Complete CNC Solutions, Ken White’s is the UK’s first “K” variant and so is fitted with a knife.

Ken White Signs can trace its roots back to 1967 when the company was run from home in Tiverton by Ken and his wife Jean. Today, the family run business is thriving and works in market sectors as divers as education and golf clubs; food and drink to building an construction.

Ken White Signs needs to deal with a wide range of resistant material in supplying its client base including aluminium, foamed PVC, ACM, acrylic and micro-fluted corrugated board. Much of the company’s output involves print-cut operations.

Ken White Signs’ team conducted its research and came to Complete CNC Solutions for a demonstration on a Tekcel Router. While having the demonstration the team got to see the Protek Unico CNC and left very impressed with the capabilities of both machines. The Sign and Digital Show was used to compare output quality and productivity with other computerised routers. That told the story the team needed and an order was places with Complete CNC Solutions for… the Protek Unico CNC-K - fitted with the steering knife option. The machine was also installed complete with an auto tool changer, a flatness probe mist coolant system and a camera.

Productivity and quality were among the reasons the Protek Unico CNC-K won the vote but chief among the features that really impressed the Ken White Signs’ team, was the way the system deals with metal cutting. The Protek Unico CNC-K is quipped with an extremely powerful vacuum bed and very a very efficient swarf removal system whose use is not impaired when cutting with lubricants and coolants. That means very clean operation and extraordinarily high quality edges that need no further finishing.

Ken White Sign plans to use the system’s knife assembly to cut foamed PVC, Correx and micro-fluted packaging materials. The knife, oscillating or fixed, cuts such material with incredible accuracy thanks to the on-board Visiotek registration camera managing print-cut registration and the powerful vacuum bed securing the printed work-pieces. Ken White Signs produces print on its Oce flatbed printer daily.

Complete CNC Solutions delivered the system direct to Ken White Signs and installation took just a day. With space at a premium Ken White Signs particularly values the Protek Unico CNC’s inbuilt light barriers and other safety measures. Training was delivered over a two day period and the fully commissioned Protek Unico CNC-K is now a busy member of the Ken White Signs team.




Offering a diverse client-base a range of services that spans anything from sign design and manufacturing to a complete, turnkey branding programme, demands in-depth capability and experience. Precisely why businesses in need of such services turn to Cardiff based Morgans Consult to find them.

Morgans Consult’s services to its client encompass creative and strategic consulting, detailed surveying and auditing, design, project management, manufacturing and installation. The company also extends a planned maintenance service to keep the branding assets it produces performing optimally for its clients.


Morgans Consult has succeeded in moving signs and graphics beyond being an end in themselves. The company works with its clients to create bespoke solutions to challenges which it goes the extra mile in understanding. The result is anything but signs-as-usual. Morgans Consult produces signs and graphics that not only work, but work hard.

In keeping with its need for versatile and capable production assets, Morgans Consult recently decided that a Protek Unico TT digital cutter and routing system from Complete CNC Solutions was a good fit for its business. That’s certainly the case. As for being a good fit for the space allocated to it, that’s another matter.

Getting the Unico TT to its allotted position at the Morgans Consult premises, involved one the most “athletic” installations Complete CNC Solutions has ever undertaken. With corners to negotiate, changing levels to manage and chasms to cross, the system was carefully craned into position.There it sits. Doing its job and providing Morgans Consult with a go-to asset for its print-finishing and routed production needs.

Modern sign and graphics manufacturing in tandem with best-practice project management strength ensure that Morgans Consult can not just take on practically any job that comes its way, it can propose creative solutions that are simply beyond the capacity of many of its competitors.



Sign and Digital technology shows have always been used by companies looking to invest in major capital equipment as a basis for auditioning qualified candidates. And why not. It’s a great chance to compare, side-by-side and on the same day, what the industry has on offer and make in the short-term, decisions that have a long-term impact on business.

Normanton based Ashleigh signs has recently been through such a process in pursuit of a router capable of delivering the quality and performance the company needed and of taking the business along its planned growth trajectory to the future. The decision came down in favour of a 4X2 metre Protek Unico CNC, supplied and installed by South-West based Complete CNC Solutions.

Ashleigh Sign works for the biggest names on the High Street and beyond, and has to deal with a very wide range of resistant materials pressed to creative purposes by its clients’ agencies. Experience then finds a way and Ashleigh Signs’ work is among the most innovative seen in the signs and graphics business.

The Protek Unico CNC Ashleigh Signs has installed is a pure-play production router. It’s very heavily engineered and fully featured to suit the company’s needs.

Quality is a must and the Protek Unico CNC scores big points. Output leaves the bed with no need for further finishing in most cases. Even cutting metals with lubricants is a fast and clean process thanks to the very efficient waste removal and a cleverly designed mist-coolant system supplied.

With massive roll-outs to produce, productivity was a key consideration. Not only is the Protek Unico CNC fast from A-to-B, it’s a machine that’s simple to get the most from. Very effective vacuum driven material holding is operated with touch-button simplicity and the machine’s handling and operating ergonomics are truly world class.

The Protek Unico CNC as supplied to Ashleigh Signs features a 12 bay auto-tool changer and an innovative flatness sensor that maps the surface of the material being cut so as to ensure constant depth cuts using the material face as a datum rather than the system’s bed.

Complete CNC Solutions delivered the system direct to Ashleigh Signs and installation took a day. Two days operator training were delivered on the machine’s operation and its built-in safety systems. The machine was immediately committed to production post training.

Though Complete CNC Solutions has installed many Protek Unico CNC systems, Ashleigh Signs’ unit is the first with a 4X2 Metre bed in the UK. This large and powerful system is now a highly productive member of Ashleigh Signs production assets.



Cobal Signs has been in business since the early eighties and is today an absolute reflection of the needs of the markets it serves. The company is polarised around an amalgam of engineering and design skills and driven by strong service-led ethics and a consultative approach to product development.
The company may be cast in the role of a sign manufacturer but is actually much more. It presides over large and complex wayfinding projects and uses its decades of experience to deliver sustainable and manageable solutions that perform from day one and that flex with the needs of the customer over time.
Cobal Signs’ wayfinding systems and other products are proprietary, being designed and continually developed in house as customer need has evolved. Always looking for further efficiencies and creative potential in its manufacturing processes, Cobal Signs has recently installed a Protek Unico CNC production routing system supplied by Complete CNC Solutions.
Cobal Signs’ needs included the ability to process a wide range of resistant materials including plastics, metals, and woods. Cutting tests were conducted at Sign and Digital where the opportunity to compare machines directly and in a convenient time-frame presented itself. The Unico CNC acquitted itself well and a demonstration at Complete CNC’s headquarters was arranged.
Unusually for a sign company, Cobal Signs’ needs included heavier machining operations involving bulk material removal and not just profiling operations in lighter materials. The CNC, is heavily constructed and doesn’t shy from such needs. In fact it excels burning down such varied workloads.
The demonstration was centred around some very specific needs, all of which the Unico CNC fulfilled well. Among the materials processed were aluminium, foamed PVC, 18mm thick oak and various other material clad in print which were cut to exact register. The finish produced with these material was exemplary and the decision was soon made to proceed with the installation.