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Quentor Cases

Quentor cases needed to increase its capacity and achieve maximum yields from high-value materials. The answer? A Tekcel CNC router from Complete CNC Solutions. The second to be installed at Quentor…

Quentor Cases’ name casts the company in the role of a custom-case manufacturer but the company does much more than that. Founded in 1972, Quentor is centred around the safe transportation, storage and deployment on site of delicate instrumentation, high value parts in motorsports and even cars themselves. If it has to be transported and protected, Quentor has a product into which it will fit, and from which it can be easily retrieved.

Nothing in Quentor’s world is “standard.” Everything its products accommodate will be awkwardly abstract in shape and will have its own peculiar needs in terms of protection. That means Quentor’s design and production specialists have to create in three dimension, creating what amounts to a box, while thinking decidedly out of it.

A good example is Quentor’s car cladding solution which encapsulates the vulnerable parts of the car and protects its bodywork too while hiding the whole ensemble from “interested” eyes. Outside the box thinking yielded outside the box parts too. The protected cars’ wheels are exposed to the extent they can still be easily moved around.

Quentor products have to achieve high levels of protection while maintaining low weight. For that reason, some exotic materials find their way into the products. Machined and glued foams of various densities and resistances, stiff yet very light engineered honeycomb materials made from aluminium are among them.

Such materials come at a price and for this reason, yields are critical. When it comes to cutting and shaping parts for assembly, Quentor turns to Tekcel CNC routers: supplied, installed and supported by Complete CNC Solutions. It has a choice of two. The latest, a fully featured Tekcel EXR was installed recently.

The Tekcel EXR is fully compliant with Quentor’s design systems and works with all the material used in manufacture. It puts a range of cutting tools at the operator’s disposal including tools for shaping and pocketing foams, cutting knives should flexible materials ever be needed, and routing tools for aluminium and other sheet materials.

The system is fast, clean in operation and, crucially, very reliable. It achieves maximum yields from exotic material so keeping quality high and costs at a practical minimum.

Quentor’s needs are as specialised as the products it makes. With Tekcel CNC routers in house, there’s little or nothing Quentor can’t accommodate.

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