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Complete CNC Solutions relocates


Our new facility is on the same industrial estate as our previous HQ, but has much more space available. The move was prompted by our continuing growth in both router and digital cutter sales, and in growth in the size of the sales and support team we now have to house.

We’re now in the process of fitting our our showroom which will put applications centre-stage. Now that more space is available for the purpose, larger demonstration props detailing production and construction techniques applicable to signing and print-finishing in particular will be put on permanent display.

Potential customers will be able to gain valuable insights into new fabrication methods and understand how they can benefit and how the end user will get a better product too. The showroom is large, well lit and allows us to show off our full range of hardware from Tekcel.

In addition we will offer greatly enhanced application development consulting to clients who have a particular manufacturing challenge to meet. When the solution needed simply isn’t available “in the shops,” we will direct our experience toward developing what’s required in consultation with you, our customer.

We’re now comfortably established in our new HQ but we’ll admit that getting there didn’t quite work out the way the script intended. The new premises were scheduled for occupation about ten months hence but our current rate of growth bought the decision and the date forward.

We couldn’t be more excited about our new home and its doors are open if you’d like to visit. Our supplier and customer partners have been wonderful in working through the move with us and I’m looking forward to the future with great confidence.

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